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Computer and Network Support
On-site support for all Windows-based operating systems and a wide variety of application programs, including Microsoft Office products. We are A+ Certified and support all Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, and many networking and wireless products. We also support a wide variety of application programs and can often help you with referrals to products we don't support. Please call us for your specific needs and we will be happy to assist you.

Computer Troubleshooting
On various occasions, we have been referred to as the "heavyweights" of computer troubleshooting. Whether it be an ongoing hardware problem or an installation configuration that just won't work, you can call on us to bring it to a resolution. With over 36 years experience in hardware and operating systems, we can help you with any problem that arises with your PC system. Our policy is to try to fix rather than replace, which helps to eliminate losing your important files. Of course, there may be times there is no alternative and we will take the time to preserve your data and help you restore it after a rebuild.

CCL provides on-site service for configuring PCs, networks, wireless or any additional programs you need installed. These services are available to the home user and small businesses as well as on contract basis for large organizations. Whether you just purchased a new home PC or are restructuring your office, we can help set up your systems to work the way you want them to. We can finish installing, re-install or reconfigure Windows, install all your programs and move your data from another system. No set up is too small for us to help with. Just let us know your needs.

Virus Repairs
We strive to remove viruses, trojans and worms from your system and do everything possible to save your data.

If necessary we will pick up and deliver your equipment...free of charge!

Call today and see what a little CARE can do for you!


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